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0 Modeling and simulation of multiple personal mobility vehicles in pedestrian flows using personal space Pham, T. Q., Nakagawa, C., Shintani, A., Ito, T. Journal of Advanced Simulation in Science and Engineering Báo quốc tế khác Khoa CKGT
1 Experimental Evaluation of an Assistance System for the Driver of a Personal Mobility Vehicle Thai Quoc Pham, Chihiro Nakagawa, Atsuhiko Shintani, and Tomohiro Ito Advanced Science Letters SCOPUS Khoa CKGT
2 Optimizing Parameters of Software Effort Estimation Models using Directed Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm Thanh Tung Khuat, My Hanh Le Informatica SCOPUS Khoa CNTT
3 A Novel Hybrid ABC-PSO Algorithm for Effort Estimation of Software Projects Using Agile Methodologies Thanh Tung Khuat, My Hanh Le Journal of Intelligent Systems SCOPUS Khoa CNTT
4 Applying Teaching-Learning to Artificial Bee Colony for Parameter Optimization of Software Effort Estimation Model Thanh Tung Khuat, My Hanh Le Journal of Engineering Science & Technology SCOPUS Khoa CNTT
5 Methodology development on aquatic environmental assessment József Németh, Viktor Sebestyén, Tatjana Juzsakova, Endre Domokos, László Dióssy, Cuong Le Phuoc, Péter Huszka, Ákos Rédey Environmental Science and Pollution Research SCI Khoa Môi trường
6 Maximum energy output of a DFIG wind turbine using an improved MPPT-curve method Dinh Chung Phan, Shigeru Yamamoto. Energies SCIE Khoa Điện
7 Rotor speed control of doubly fed induction generator wind turbines using adaptive maximum power point tracking Dinh Chung Phan, Shigeru Yamamoto Energy SCI Khoa Điện
8 Advanced probabilistic power flow methodology for power systems with renewable resources Dinh Duong LE 1,2,∗ , Nhi Thi Ai NGUYEN 1,2 , Van Duong NGO 3 , Alberto BERIZZI 1 Turkish Journal of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences SCIE Khoa Điện
9 Modeling soft granular materials SAEID NEZAMABADI, THANH HAI NGUYEN, JEAN-YVES DELENNE, FARHANG RADJAI Granular Matter SCIE Khoa Xây dựng TLTĐ
10 MPM with frictional contact for application to soft particulate materials SAEID NEZAMABADI, THANH HAI NGUYEN, JEAN-YVES DELENNE, JULIEN AVERSENG, XAVIER FRANK, FARHANG RADJAI Procedia Engineering SCOPUS Khoa Xây dựng TLTĐ
11 Generative forces shaping the traditional city: the case of Hoian, Vietnam Ngoc Hong Nguyen Journal of Urbanism: International Research on Placemaking and Urban Sustainability SCOPUS Khoa Kiến trúc
12 Prediction of vapor-liquid and liquid-liquid equilibria at high pressures of 2-alkoxyethanol mixtures using PC-SAFT EoS Dong NguyenHuynh, Thi Thuy Nguyen, Thi Thanh Xuan Nguyen Fluid Phase Equilibria SCI Khoa Hóa
13 Macroscopically shaped monolith of nanodiamonds @ nitrogen-enriched mesoporous carbon decorated SiC as a superior metal-free catalyst for the styrene production Housseinou Ba, Jingjie Luo, Yuefeng Liu, Cuong Duong-Vieta, Giulia Tuci, Giuliano Giambastiani, Jean-Mario Nhut, Lam Nguyen-Dinh, Ovidiu Ersen, Dang Sheng Su, Cuong Pham-Huu Applied Catalysis B: Environmental SCI Phòng KHCN&HTQT
14 Synthesis of carbon nanotube/titanate nanotube composites with photocatalytic activity for H 2 S oxidation Thu Ha Thi Vu, Hang Thi Au, Thu Trang Thi Nguyen, Manh Hung Do, Minh Tu Pham, Duy Hung Bui, Thanh Son Phan & Dinh Lam Nguyen Journal of Sulfur Chemistry SCIE Phòng KHCN&HTQT, Khoa Hóa
15 Experimental evidence of a two-axial groove hydrodynamic journal bearing under severe operation conditions Steven Chatterton, Phuoc Vinh Dang, Paolo Pennacchi, A De Luca, F Flumian Tribology International SCI Khoa Cơ khí
16 Complexity and information flow analysis for multi-threaded programs Ngo Minh Tri and Marieke Huisman The European Physical Journal Special Topics SCI Khoa ĐTVT
17 Modeling of intergranular thermal fatigue cracking of a lead-free V.N. Le, L. Benabou, V. Etgens and Q.B. Tao International Journal of Solids and Structures SCI Khoa Cơ khí
18 Estimating Compressive Strength of High Performance Concrete with Gaussian Process Regression Model Nhat-Duc Hoang, Anh-Duc Pham, Quoc-Lam Nguyen, and Quang-Nhat Pham Advances in Civil Engineering SCOPUS Khoa QLDA
19 Sensitivity analysis on locations of Energy Storage in power systems with wind integration N. T. A. Nguyen, D. D. Le, G. G. Moshi, C. Bovo, and A. Berizzi IEEE Transaction on Industry Applications SCI Khoa Điện