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0 A Highly N-Doped Carbon Phase “Dressing” of Macroscopic Supports for Catalytic Applications Housseinou Ba,Yuefeng Liu, Lai Truong-Phuoc, Cuong Duong-Viet,Xiaoke Mu, Won Hui Doh, Tung Tran-Thanh, Walid Baaziz, Lam Nguyen-Dinh, Jean-Mario Nhut, Izabela Janowska, Dominique Begin, Spiridon Zafeiratos, Pascal Granger, Giulia Tuci, Giuliano Giambastiani, Florian Banhart, Marc J. Ledoux and Cuong SCI Phòng KHCN&HTQT
1 Cyclic HMM-based Method for Pathological Gait Recognition from Side View Gait Video Hoang Xuan Hai, Hoang Le Uyen Thuc Báo quốc tế khác Khoa ĐTVT
2 An Effective Video-based System for Human Fall Detection Hoang Le Uyen Thuc, Pham Van Tuan Báo quốc tế khác Khoa ĐTVT
3 Human Action Recognition based on 3D Human Modeling and Cyclic HMMs Shian-Ru Ke, Hoang Le Uyen Uyen Thuc, Jenq-Neng Hwang, Jang-Hee Yoo, and Kyoung-Ho Choi SCI Khoa ĐTVT
4 Polysiloxane-Based Block Copolymers with Marine Bacterial Anti-Adhesion Properties The Hy Duong, Jean-François Briand, André Margaillan, and Christine Bressy SCI Khoa Hóa
5 A Study of the Substituent Effects on the O−H Bond Dissociation Enthalpies of Phenol Derivatives Using the ONIOM Method Nguyen Minh Thong, Thi Chinh Ngo, Truc Xuyen Nguyen Phan, Duy Quang Dao, Truong Van Nam, Phan Thi Tuyet Trinh, Pham Cam Nam Báo quốc tế khác Khoa Hóa
6 Antibacterial activities of the extracts of Mimosa pudica L. an in-vitro study Nguyen Thi Le Thoa, Pham Cam Nam, Dang Minh Nhat SCI Khoa Hóa
7 Evaluation of the Effects of a Personal Mobility Vehicle on Multiple Pedestrians Using Personal Space T. Q. Pham, C. Nakagawa, A. Shintani, and T. Ito SCI Khoa Cơ khí Giao thông
8 The Global acceptance and development of probiotic-containing products as functional food DAO Thi Anh Thu Báo quốc tế khác Khoa Hóa
9 Study of immobilization of lipase on magnetic nanoparticles Fe3O4 in the biodiesel production Bui Xuan Dong, Cao Xuan Huu, Nguyen Thi Hoang Yen Báo quốc tế khác Khoa Hóa
10 Physiological characteristics of the sulphate-reducing bacteria isolated from cattle manure Pham Thi My, Bui Xuan Dong, Nguyen Thi Lan Phuong Báo quốc tế khác Khoa Hóa
11 Antimicrobial Activities of the Extracts from Bark of Ironwood (Mesua ferrea) and their Role in Production of Traditional Sugar Palm Wine Nguyen Thi Dong Phuong, Dang Minh Nhat Báo quốc tế khác Khoa Hóa
12 A performance comparison of sensitivity analysis methods for building energy models Anh-Tuan Nguyen, Sigrid Reiter SCIE Khoa Kiến trúc
13 Formation, structure and antibacterial activities of silazane networks grafted with poly(ethylene glycol) branches François-Xavier Perrin , Thi Dieu Hang, Nguyen Dinh Lam SCI Phòng ĐT, Phòng KHCN&HTQT
14 Экомониторинг ксенобиотиков в организме вьетнамцев Le Phuoc Cuong,Евгеньев Михаил Báo quốc tế khác Khoa Môi trường
15 Resettlement Policy in Large Development Projects Ryo Fujikura, Mikiyasu Nakayama, Nguyen Chi Cong Báo quốc tế khác Khoa Xây dựng TLTĐ
16 Improving Transient Stability in a Grid-Connected Squirrel-Cage Induction Generator Wind Turbine System Using a Fuzzy Logic Controller Minh Quan Duong , Francesco Grimaccia , Sonia Leva , Marco Mussetta, Kim Hung Le SCIE Ban giám hiệu, Khoa Điện
17 Synthesis and characterization of polyaniline nanoparticles in phosphonic acid amphiphile aqueous micellar solutions for waterborne corrosion protection coatings F. X. Perrin,T. A. Phan and D. L. Nguyen SCI Khoa hóa, Phòng KHCN&HTQT
18 Eutrophication of turbid tropical reservoirs: Scenarios of evolution of the reservoir of Cointzio, Mexico Phuong Thuy Kim Doan, Julien Némery, Martin Schmid, Nicolas Gratiot SCIE Khoa Xây dựng TLTĐ
19 Comparison of vaporization models for feed droplet in fluid catalytic cracking risers Tuyen T.B. Nguyen, Subhasish Mitra, Vishnu Pareek, J.B. Joshi, G. Evans SCI Khoa Cơ khí Giao thông